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Grant Opportunities

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Tips about grants for performing arts programs:      http://www.ehow.com/about_5074866_performing-arts-grants-schools.html



 LOWE's Toolbox for Education grants http://www.toolboxforeducation.com/


Thea's Art Closet/Donors Choose provide art supplies for classrooms  


 164 Possible Grants for Arkansas /Arts /Public School  http://www.grants4teachers.com/index.php?rid=qrySearchGrant&sid=ed40qm45flpmow2dikkajknw


MetLIfe Foundation Partners in Arts Education Program  http://nationalguild.org/Programs/Grants/Grantmaking.aspx   


Mockingbird Foundation music education for children.  $100 to $5,000   http://mbird.org/funding/guidelines/


Education-Portal.com video lessons  2 monthly $500 grants  http://education-portal.com/articles/Teacher_Grant.html 



 Arts in Education Arts Curriculum Project    http://www.arkansasarts.org/grants/aie_ac.aspx

Final Application Due Date: Closed for 2012 Maximum Request: $10,000


Arts in Education  In-School Residency Program     http://www.arkansasarts.org/grants/aie_is.aspx

Final Application Due Date: CLosed for 2012   Maximum Request: $40,000


Arts in Education After-School/Summer Residency     http://www.arkansasarts.org/grants/aie_as.aspx

Final Application Due Date: Closed for 2012  Maximum Request: $10,000


Arts In Education Mini Grants     http://www.arkansasarts.org/grants/Default.aspx#10

Final Application Due Date:  as funds remain     Maximum Request: $2,000





 ARTS EDUCATION: Art Works School-Based Projects     http://www.nea.gov/grants/apply/GAP13/ArtsEdAW.html







U.S. Department of Education

Arts in Education:  Professional Development for Arts Educators   http://www2.ed.gov/programs/artsedprofdev/index.html



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