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Taking It to the Schools II:  TheatreDance

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Taking It to the Schools II: Community Experiences in Theatre and Dance 


Unfortunately "Making Old Stories Come Alive Again" is no longer available.


Grades 9-12:  Got the Moves; Got the Blues

   Got the Moves; Got the Blues Accompanying Presentation 




These instructional materials were created by a team of Arkansas classroom teachers and teaching artists through a partnership between the Arkansas Department of Education, the Arkansas Arts Council, and Arkansans for the Arts. Many thanks to the team: Jennifer Alaquinez, Kathleen Marleneanu, Elizabeth Yielding, and Mark Landon Smith. The modules were inspired by the Model Cornerstone Assessments of the National Core Arts Standards.


Arkansas Theater and Dance Curriculum Frameworks:  http://www.arkansased.gov/divisions/learning-services/curriculum-and-instruction/curriculum-framework-documents/fine-arts-new-courses-valid-july-1-2015


National Core Arts Standards Model Cornerstone Assessments:  www.nationalartsstandards.org


For more information, contact Lana Hallmark, ADE Fine Arts Specialist, lana.hallmark@arkansas.gov


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