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Academic Standards and Classroom Resources

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Academic Standards for Fine Arts:


                   Arkansas Fine Arts Curriculum Standards (Revised 2014)

         National Core Arts Standards (Revised 2014)



Professional Development Series:



2018  Taking It to the Schools III: Community Experiences in Music

Mysterious Musical Elements.doc.docx


2018  Taking It to the Schools III: Community Experiences in Theatre and Dance

Common Ground Exploring Diversity Through Theatre and Dance.docx


2018 Taking It to the Schools III:  Community Experiences in Visual Art

Choice Art Collage


2018 Theatre In Every Classroom

Theatre Games

Theatre Toolkit


2017 Taking It to the Schools II: Community Experiences in Fine Arts 

     Taking It to the Schools II THEATER/DANCE MODULES  

     Taking It to the Schools II VISUAL ART MODULES 

     Taking It to the Schools II MUSIC MODULES 


2017 Introducing....the Theater!

     Shakespeare in Motion

     Teaching Creative Writing Creatively


2016 Taking It to the Schools: Community Experiences in Fine Arts

     Taking It to the Schools THEATER/DANCE MODULES  

     Taking It to the Schools VISUAL ART MODULES

     Taking It to the Schools MUSIC MODULES 


2015 Introduction to the 2014 Arkansas Fine Arts Frameworks


2014 Disciplinary Literacy in the Arts 

           Disciplinary Literacy in Music (Classics Unit) 

           Disciplinary Literacy in Visual Art (Comics Unit) 



Resources for All Arts Disciplines


Arkansas Department of Education Fine Arts Resources

Arkansas Arts and Cultural Resources for Education

Arkansas Arts Council Arts in Education


Browse Other Lesson Plan Ideas for Individual Arts Disciplines:

Theater    Dance             Visual Art        Music   



Arts Integration Resources


Grants for Teachers


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